Tonies Favorite Children Songs: Spanish Playtime Songs

$ 17.99 USD
by Tonies
  • It’s time to dance! These vibrant songs will get you up and moving as we hear some of the best traditional Spanish playtime songs!
  • Teaches children about spreading joy and laughter, singing and rhythm, curiosity and new experiences and strengthening the bonds of friendship.
  • Includes Spanish Playtime Songs toy character with 16 songs and total run time of approximately 40 minutes. Recommended Age Range: 3+, Language: Spanish.
  • Tracklist: El patio de mi casa, Chequi Morena, La Bamba, Los elefantes, Aserrín aserrán, Si tu tienes muchas ganas de aplaudir, El puente está quebrado, La Tía Mónica, El Pequeño Juan, Arroz con leche, Don Gato, Pinpón, La víbora de la mar, Compadre no compro coco, La Vaca Lola, and A mi burro.
  • Requires Toniebox Audio Player to play audio; sold separately