Important Shipping Information

Yes, we'd be happy to ship that special gift to your niece in Omaha, or to your grandson in Abilene, or to your BFF in Pittsburgh!

Here are the basics on Monkey Fish Toys Shipping:

Shipping Cost: FREE Shipping starts at $99.99!

  • Tier 1 - orders up to $9.99 = $6.50
  • Tier 2 - orders from $10.00-$19.99 = $7.50
  • Tier 3 - orders from $20.00-$29.99 = $8.50
  • Tier 4 - orders from $30.00-$39.99 = $9.50
  • Tier 5 - orders from $40.00-$49.99 = $10.50
  • Tier 6 - orders from $50.00-$59.99 = $11.50
  • Tier 7 - orders from $60.00-$69.99 = $12.50
  • Tier 8 - orders from $70.00-$79.99 = $13.50
  • Tier 9 - orders from $80.00-$89.99 = $15.50
  • Tier 10 - orders from $90.00-$99.98 = $17.50
  • FREE Tier - orders over $99.99
Order/Ship Processing Times: For orders placed before Noon, Monday-Friday, we typically ship the same day - if for some reason (such as being out-of-stock) there will be a delay, we'll alert you.  Standard shipping time is anywhere from 1-6 days (depending how far you are from Philadelphia, PA).  If you have an expedited time-frame, please message us or contact us at 484-885-7285
Product Handling Safety: From the time a package arrives throughout the process to either stock it on our shelves or shipping to you, we use disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces.  We pack all orders carefully to ensure your cool stuff arrives safe & sound!  And no, unlike some of our HUGE competitors, we'll never ship your item without a box
Shipping Methods: We ship via UPS, USPS & Fedex - the method in based on the size of the order and shipping destination.  If you have a special request for us to ship a certain method, please message us or contact us at 484-885-7285

Fighting eCommerce Fraud: If you are shipping to an address other than your billing address, please contact us at 484-885-7285 - we use a fraud detection program and we may need to verify your order if it's flagged.  We know this might be a pain, but it's for both your protection and ours!

     UPS Shipping Time Map (times may vary due to weather and other delays):

    Should you have any questions at all, please Chat With Us, call us at 484-885-7285 or email us at

    Thank you & please stay safe!

    - KC, Mike & the MFT Team