Tonies Favorite Children Songs: Spanish Bedtime Songs

$ 17.99 USD
by Tonies
  • Enjoy this beautiful and soothing collection of traditional Spanish lullabies as you are gently lulled to sleep.
  • Teaches children about Spanish, bedtime routines, and relaxation.
  • Includes Spanish Lullabies toy character with 14 songs and total run time of approximately 40 minutes. Recommended Age Range: 3+, Language: Spanish.
  • Tracklist: Los pollitos dicen, Los elefantes, Caballito blanco, Una vez hubo un juez, Tengo una muñeca, El barco chiquito, La arañita, A la rueda rueda, Cu cu cantaba la rana, Sol Solecitio, Arrurrú mi niño, Debajo de un botón, Naranja dulce limón partido, and Que llueva que llueva.
  • Requires Toniebox Audio Player to play audio; sold separately.