Reindeer In Here Book

$ 9.99 USD
Reindeer In Here Christmas Children's Book: Start a new holiday tradition with your child and a Reindeer who wants to learn all about them! It's a positive experience for children, and instead of spying on your kids, Reindeer In Here helps Santa get to know them better! Reindeer In Here is a Christmas friend sent by Santa as the first gift of the holiday season to get to know each child’s true Christmas wishes and celebrate that being DIFFERENT IS NORMAL .Reindeer keeps boys & girls company throughout the holidays every year. Children decide if their reindeer is a boy or a girl and give it a name, making each reindeer as unique as they are. Kids will look forward to their Reindeer's visit every year, taking it along on their adventures and building a bond that creates a tradition to last a lifetime. Each Christmas Eve, Reindeer waits patiently under the tree to tell Santa all about your child and their dreams and wishes. Santa and Reindeer then return to the North Pole until next year!