Stinky Pig Game

$ 12.99 USD
Type: Games
  • POKE THE PIG TO MAKE HIM SING—The charming pig will start singing when you press his belly! It's fun, but don't dwell on it too long--you have to pass him along to play!
  • ROLL THE DIE AND PASS HIM FAST—Players sit in a circle, or around a table, and take turns rolling the die to find out which way to pass the pig as he sings
  • HE TOOTS!—If you're the one holding the pig when he suddenly stops singing and toots (it's hilarious!), then you take a token and start him up again!
  • EVERYONE STAYS IN THE GAME—You're not "out" if you're holding him when he toots; you just don't want to collect tokens and be the loser at the end with the most tokens
  • FUN GAME FOR FAMILIES AND PARTIES—It's a silly and entertaining game for game nights with the kids, and it's great for kid birthday parties!