tummple mix Building Game


$ 17.99 

  • STACK AND BUILD: Tummple mix has more kinds of bricks and blockers and includes a phone app for even more fun while you play! This game of strategy and chance has your building plan changing on the fly.
  • USE THE APP TIMER AND SHUFFLER: The Shuffler App indicates what brick to grab and what side to place, what tump to use, tallies your score and includes a timer…hurry though, only 3 to 9 seconds to make your move! App is included but optional for play.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Roll the dice or use the app to select a brick or tump (blocker). Strategically place bricks and tumps to create barriers all while building a cool structure. But don't knock it over, the player with the least bricks in hand at the end wins!
  • GAME SPECIFICS: For 2 or more players ages 8 years and up. Includes 18 Square Wood Cubes, 21 Rectangular Wood bricks, 21 Long Rectangle Wood Bricks, 2 Red Tumps, 5 Yellow Tumps, 9 White Tumps, 2 Wood Bases, and Deck of Placement Cards.
  • FUN FOR KIDS AGES 8 AND UP: This family game is easy to learn and is difficult to stop playing, it’s that much fun! This game keeps everyone engaged and excited with its fast-paced fun. Perfect for game night!