Kick Croquet

$ 39.99 USD
Type: Outdoor
Get outside and play with the Franklin Kick Croquet Set! This game is a fun spin on the classic croquet game by combining soccer and croquet! The goal of the game is to kick your team's croquet ball through each wicket in the least amount of shots. The team to make it through the last wicket and hit the finish flag first WINS! Challenge your friends and family to see who is the fastest and put your foot-work skills to the test! The Kick Croquet set includes (6) croquet wickets, (2) Kick Croquet balls and (1) finish flag. All you need is 2 teams and an outdoor space! You can make the course as easy or difficult as you want by changing the set up of the wickets. Using speed and precision, Kick Croquet gets everyone involved while being easy to play and tons of fun for all!

  • COMBINING SOCCER AND CROQUET: Get the best of both worlds with this fun spin on the classic croquet game!
  • EASY TO SET UP: Simply inflate the kick croquet balls with the pump provided and set up your wickets to your desired course!
  • RACE TO THE FINISH! Be the first to get your kick croquet ball through your wickets to WIN! Get your friends and family involved and active while playing outdoors!
  • 2+ PLAYERS! Games can be formed with 2+ players!
  • KICK CROQUET features (6) Croquet Wickets, (1) Finish Flag, (2) 12-inch Kick Croquet Balls