Klutz Mini Clay World Candy Cart

$ 21.99 USD
by Klutz
The perfect miniature scene for crafters with a sweet tooth!

Dazzling candy-colored clay and puffs of pastel cotton let you create all kinds of unique confectionery including sour gummies, rainbow ribbon candy, tie-dye jawbreakers, swizzle sticks, clouds of cotton candy, and more.

Creative prompts encourage crafters to invent their own candy brands and display them in the clear glass-looking jars (complete with stoppers), in miniature boxes, on wooden lollipop sticks, or in iridescent cellophane baggies with twist ties.

Once you've made your scrumptious inventory, slot together the tented kiosk to display them alongside a cotton candy stand with a clear dome (it looks like a real cotton candy machine!).

There's even a unicorn mascot to make!

With true-to-size guides and step-by-step instructions, even novice crafters can create a work of craft art that looks good enough to eat with the Klutz Mini Clay World Candy Cart kit.

Klutz Mini Clay World Candy Cart
  • Kit for making a mini, fully stocked candy cart out of clay, cardboard, and more
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, concentration, creativity
  • 15 vibrant projects to complete
  • Features 5 mini glass jars with cork stoppers
  • Make a tented kiosk and a cotton candy stand all fully stocked with sweets
  • Includes all the supplies you need
  • 32-page book of instructions and inspiration included
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional crafting experience