Choose Your Own Adventure - Escape from the Haunted Warehouse

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Escape from the Haunted Warehouse by Anson Montgomery takes YOU to the most adventurous (and terrifying!) summer job ever: the graveyard shift at the creepy warehouse on the edge of town. Readers 10 years old and over will join forces with ghost hunters, face down a slavering wolfhound, and encounter screaming sinks, murderous evil spirits, and phantom marionettes.

Choose Your Own Adventure Escape from the Haunted Warehouse is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next. This famous lost book was announced as the final Choose Your Own Adventure in the series' first printing, but it was never published and only rumored to exist. Is it because it was the scariest Choose Your Own Adventure ever written? Now YOU finally have the chance to decide.

You wind up at your last pick for summer jobs: the graveyard shift at the spooky warehouse on the outskirts of town. Your supervisor, the eccentric Del Grady, only adds more mystery to an eerie building complex stuffed to the gills with movie props and strange items. Can you handle all of the dangers your new job has in store? A portal deep in the warehouse's tunnels leads to a haunted forest at the base of Mount Fujii and another to the labyrinthine Winchester Mansion. You'll need to stay sharp and one step ahead of the evil spirits housed in the warehouse's rotting walls or you may wind up just another relic stored forever in its confines!

For readers who enjoyed titles from the Choose Your Own Nightmare series, including: Blood Island by Liz Windover, Eighth Grade Witch by C. E. Simpson, and Snake Invasion by Doug Wilhelm.