Choose Your Own Adventure - The Abominable Snowman Board Book

Choose Your Own Adventure

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Your First Adventure -The Abominable Snowman by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on a search for the baby yeti in the snowy mountains of Nepal. Readers of all ages will dance and sing with baby yetis, and learn about far away places.


YOU are searching for the mysterious baby yeti. You brave the cold and snowy mountains of Nepal in hopes of spotting any signs of the creature. You build fires to stay warm and sip butter tea while you rest. Will YOU find the baby yeti?

Adapted from the bestselling Choose Your Own Adventure book where YOU choose what happens next to reach three happy endings. Illustrated by French artist Kalon Sardin.

For readers who enjoyed other titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure: Your First Adventure series, including: Choose Your Own Adventure: Your First Adventure - Journey Under The Sea by R. A. Montgomery and Choose Your Own Adventure: Your First Adventure - Space and Beyond by R. A. Montgomery.