Bruder JCB 4CX Backhoe Loader

$ 49.99 USD
by Bruder
A Gift They’ll Dig – Guaranteed!

It’s the ultimate surprise for the tyke who can’t pass by a construction site without stopping to stare transfixed at a backhoe tearing up the terrain. Bruder’s JCB Backhoe Loader does darn near everything the real thing does. Up front, there’s a big bucket that lifts, lowers and dumps. And when it’s time to excavate a dollhouse basement or dig a footing for a sandcastle, your junior operator can drop the stabilizer legs and swing the backhoe up, down and side to side just like the real-life machines. Made of tough ABS plastic, this toy will plow through years of constructive fun. Let the excavating begin!

Ages: 3+