Battery Powered Rolling-Stock Train Set

$ 24.99 USD
by Hape
  • BATTERY-DRIVEN ENGINE: Hape’s battery powered engine features an easy to operate switch with three settings: forward, reverse, and off. This little engine chugs along with a lamp lighting the way
  • BOUNCING CARGO: Let the engine loose on the track and watch the cargo in one car bounce up and down. Kids will enjoy controlling this classic toy to race forward and backward rumbling along the tracks
  • SPINNING PUMPS: The pumps in the other car spin round and round as the rolling-stock set amusingly wiggles!
  • REAR MAGNETS: The magnetic joints on this locomotive train set mean more train cars can be connected together to make longer trains. A touch of a button puts this little engine in reverse!
  • COMPATIBLE: Powered by two AAA batteries, this train set is a high-quality toy suitable for independent play or with other rail-based toys. For enhanced play, combine it with other rail-based toys