Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents (Non-E-Commerce)

Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents (Non-E-Commerce)

Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents (Non-E-Commerce)

 Shared by permission from the author,Virginia Cooper

If you’ve always dreamt of running your own small business and have decided to bite the bullet, congratulations! With so many Americans choosing to support local businesses, now is a great time to get your entrepreneurial vision going. But as a stay-at-home parent, you might feel that running an e-commerce business requires effort and technical skills that you don’t currently possess. If so, Monkey Fish Toys is here to help with lucrative business ideas that aren’t e-commerce related. Let’s get into it. 

Gardening Services

Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. So if you are, why not offer gardening services? This is a great way to stay active, and Psychology Today reports that gardening is also a relaxing and therapeutic activity. You can also branch out into ‘green’ services by making flower arrangements, or growing plants for resale!

Tutoring Services

If you have a niche or area of expertise, tutoring is a lucrative business idea. Quickly get the word out about your services by distributing flyers in the community and letting your neighbors and contacts know about your services. There are also sites like Preply, Chegg, and TutorMe that make tutoring online extremely easy and viable.

Nail Technician Services

According to, the nail services industry is currently booming. Whether you’re an expert at nail art or cuticle care, this is a big market out there for your nail services. A significant way nail techs are growing their business is through influencer marketing, as clients want to pay for trusted specialists whose talent has been vetted on social media. Be sure to use hashtags, posts, and collaborative marketing as business tools if you decide to take this business idea up.

Personal Training Services

The fitness industry is evergreen, and demand for personal training and fitness coaching will always be high. You could choose to work out of your local gym for this one or set up a small studio space for your clients. Offering group fitness classes at a special rate is also an excellent way to drum up business, and if clients like your coaching, you’ll have customers for life!

Music/Art Teaching Services

Arts education has severely declined in the U.S, with many schools forgoing even an essential arts education. There is thus a need in the music and art education industry where you could provide value. Teaching kids the joy of the arts is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding, and you’ll be able to do it on your own schedule. You could offer your services through group classes or one-on-one coaching online. You’ll also be able to reach a wide range of students all over the country if you opt for online teaching platforms.

Business Particulars

Once you’ve landed on your business idea, you’ll need to set up a few business basics. The main elements you need for a successful venture include:

  • Funding: When it comes to financing your business, you have many options available to you. Crowdsourcing using the power of the internet is one, as is taking advantage of small business grants. Else, look for loans with reasonable interest rates to get going.
  • Business structure: Setting up a Pennsylvania corporation will be valuable for new business owners, especially if you decide to expand down the line. This is because shares of a corporation are easy to transfer (compared to LLC membership rates), and investors tend to prefer the well-established nature of a corporation. Note that each state has different regulations around forming a corporation, so check out the rules in your area before proceeding. To ensure that you thoroughly understand the taxation and reporting process, consult with an accountant or financial advisor.
  • Marketing: Harness the power of social media optimization and marketing to attract new clientele and increase sales. Ensure that your branding efforts are consistent across social channels, websites, and packaging as well for added professional flair.

We hope these business ideas get you excited to get your business off the ground! As we emerge from the pandemic, experts say that it has never been a more lucrative time to start a business. So take advantage of this special time and get your entrepreneurial dreams going today.

If you’re a fledging entrepreneur looking for some advice on how to get started, Monkey Fish Toys is more than happy to give you some pointers and advice! And if you found this article helpful, stay awhile and browse the site for other informative content.

Positive Parenting: How to Ease the Pain of Homework

Positive Parenting: How to Ease the Pain of Homework

Shared by permission from the author, Emma Grace Brown:

Image courtesy of Pixabay

By Emma Grace Brown

Sometimes the best way to help your child with homework is to understand your feelings about it.  Before you jump into a new school year, think about your attitude toward homework.  Do you view homework as another chore on your to-do list?  Do you cringe at the thought of homework?  Maybe you have flashbacks to your own homework days. 

 Whatever your attitude, it impacts how your child views homework.  Take a moment to evaluate your feelings.  It may not be a pleasant experience, but you will be in a better place to implement the following painless homework strategies.

 Incorporate Tech

As Kids First Pediatric Partners explains, homework is not just about learning, but also about responsibility.  Your child -- not you -- is responsible for completing her assignments.  That doesn't mean you can't help. 

 Online help is available for a myriad of subjects at all grade levels.  There are apps, tutorials, and videos designed to help students understand the material without parental help. If your child is more of a visual learner, look for help that shows rather than tells how to solve a problem.  For younger children, apps can help them learn a concept by doing.  You’re sure to find the perfect solution with a bit of surfing!

 Also, to avoid frustration on both your and your child’s part, make sure you have an appropriate device for making use of these resources.  For example, the latest iPad 10.2 is an excellent device for homework help.  It has a generous, clear display, long battery life, and as much memory and power as a desktop version - but is small and lightweight for optimal portability. Just be sure to get a durable case that can offer enough protection in the event of drops and spills. 

 If an Apple product isn't for you, there are plenty of Android alternatives to choose from, such as the Surface Pro.  Laptop Mag points out it offers a colorful, bright display, long battery life, and comfortable keyboard so users can choose between the touch screen and typing.

 There is an abundance of options out there, so examine your child’s needs and priorities, and ensure there are tools to match.

Set a Routine

As Verywell Family explains, it’s important to give your child a say in her homework routine.  She may be a child who arrives home and is ready to tackle her homework right away.  Don't be surprised if she needs some downtime.  Maybe a snack if she's hungry or some playtime to decompress. 

 You may need a different routine, depending on the day.  Your children may have after-school activities that require adjustments to the regular routine.  Make sure those are accounted for in the homework schedule.  A weekly routine may be a better option than a daily one.

 Talk it over, and write down the agreed-upon routine.  Then make sure it is available for caregivers as well as family.  Ask your child to put the schedule somewhere she can always find it.  Remember, every child is different, so you may have multiple routines to incorporate into an overall family schedule.


Take a Break

Homework meltdowns are sure to happen.  Even you as a parent may experience a meltdown or two!  When meltdowns happen, it's time to take a break.  If you find your own emotions topping out, take a break.  Let your child know you need a break and why.  Then, step away until you’re in a better mindset.  How long is needed depends on how severe the meltdown, but ten minutes is an excellent place to start.

 Crying is nature's way of saying I've had enough.  When your child bursts into tears, a hug may be sufficient to settle her down.  Once your child is settled, ask her where she is having difficulty.  Explaining the problem may be enough to get your child back on track.  If your child needs to vent, don’t talk and just listen.  Don't try to fix the problem; just let her know you understand.

 Homework can be challenging to parents and kids in many ways.  Ensure you have the tools and resources necessary for success, set a routine, and maintain a healthy attitude.  With these strategies in place, you can count on things going more smoothly overall.

Is There Life After Toys-R-Us?

Is There Life After Toys-R-Us?

Since my last post (”Were You a Toys-R-Us Kid?” on March 17th) a lot has happened in the toy world: Toys-R-Us started liquidation sales at all stores, TRU closed their online store, and some have even started efforts to try to save TRU.  So, while none of us can say for sure where the toy industry is headed, here is a certainty: independent toy stores around the country, including Monkey Fish Toys, are more crucial to the toy industry now, and, more importantly, to helping our kids develop their creativity, sense of wonder and ability to have fun!

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