Zany Chain

$ 24.99 USD
Type: Games

Get ready for a chain reaction of fun! When you play Zany Chain, you'll need fast fingers and a creative mind as you race to make objects out of chain. Each round features a new chain maker and a topic card. The chain maker reads the topic aloud and then chooses which of three images he or she wants to tackle first. With the timer ticking, the chain maker creates the image while the other players shout out their guesses. When a correct answer is given, the chain maker can move on to another object listed on the card if time remains. Points are awarded to the chain maker and those who are first with a correct guess. The first player to reach 25 points is the winner! Includes 1 chain, 315 topic cards.

  • Fun and educational toys for children all ages
  • Will stimulate your mind and entertain
  • Unique and innovative toys and games