Warm Pals

1i4Group LLC

$ 22.99 

Delight in the overload of adorable that comes with Warm Pals Plush. Each super soft plush animal provides a soothing and comforting hug.

The Warm Pals Bear is not your average teddy bear because each Warm Pals Plush animal is filled with natural grains and features a fresh lavender scent. These cuddly plush pals can be heated or cooled depending on your preference or the season. Just place in the microwave for 60-90 seconds or place in the freezer. The result is a plush hug that radiates coziness!

What could be more welcoming than cuddling on the couch with an soft blanket and a Warm Pals Plush animal? There are many fun animals to choose from including the Warm Pals Dino, Penguin, and Puppy Love. For something a little more magical we also feature the Warm Pals Unicorn. 

Regardless of which plush you choose, you will love to cuddle with these friendly Warm Pals.