UGears 3-D Wooden Puzzle - Mechanical U-9 Grand Prix Car

$ 49.99 USD
by UKidz
Type: STEM
  • PRIX CAR: The thrill of speed, the roar of the engines, wheel rolls for battles and bright, flashing frames before the eyes of the wildly excited public Grand Prix of the early racing car, as well as the historical heritage of the first and its impact In the twentieth century automotive industry inspired Ugears to create this Amazing New Model. u-9 recreates the iconic design and magnificent, imposing looks of Grand Prix Winner spare wheel hub models
  • ASSEMBLY: Under the hood of this new model you will find a 16 valve V8 engine equipped with a powerful fan. Your new vehicle has a Link bar and a transmission switching modes between Standby, Reverse, and Race Ahead. U-9 has a spring-suspended fork and rubber wheels - Original Sport Tires - ensuring smooth, fast acceleration and a long driving range. the design of this beauty is based on the racing-sports cars that participated in the first grand prix ever produced in Italy
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: The adoption of the elegant floating lines of the famous racing cars-champions, Ugears engineers and designers gave this new model an exquisite and truly elegant "Old appearance highlighted with a disc belt on the exterior of the car and other peculiar design elements. The rectangular shape along with the styled design of the radiator grille that has been designed to bring you the feeling of the dawn age of racing car
  • MECHANISM: These designs are inspired by mechanisms. the team BELIEVES these beautiful construction job models should be fun. They have dedicated their real-life quality control testing and engineering knowledge, a meticulous product to a single goal: ensuring that the models provide an attractive and rewarding experience for the entire family
  • ENGINEERING: They have dedicated their engineering know-how, meticulous product testing and quality control to a single goal ensuring that the models provide an engaging and rewarding experience for the user