Car Transporter with 3-Pack


$ 80.99 

The Modarri Haul 'Em Car Transporter uses adjustable ramp mechanics and can fit up to 8 Modarri cars! This set is perfect for long hauls, and looks great on display as well! Each transporter includes a blue S1, a red/grey X1, and a white T1 – get mixing and matching right out of the box


Modarri Haul 'Em Car Transporter, 3 Cars (2015 S1, X1, T1) and Endless Fun! 

  • Truck and Detachable Trailer
  • 3 Cars (2015 S1, X1, T1)
  • 3 Car Hoods and Fenders
  • 3 Car Frames
  • 3 Car Chassis
  • 1 Seat per Car
  • 4 Wheels per Car
  • 2 Suspensions per Car
Our modular building system uses retained screws that don't fall out, allowing quick and easy customization on the go. Just loosen the screws, swap out pieces, and hit the road! Every piece in this set is interchangeable across every Modarri car. Enjoy countless possible designs, all with unique finger-steering and suspension mechanics for an ultimate toy car experience.