The Way I See It Educational Flash Cards

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The Way I See It double-sided extra-large educational cards are perfect for parents who want to support their baby's natural development They feature contrasting illustrations adjusted to the visual perception of young infants and aid in the development of visual and spatial intelligence Designed for infants ages 0 months and up these flash cards are a way to stimulate baby's brain through play that promotes a closer parent-child bond Each set includes a guide for parents prepared by a child psychologist explaining the importance of encouraging brain development at an early stage The hand Box features a sturdy handle making this set travel-friendly easy-to-store and great to give as a special gift to anyone with a newborn or a baby on the way! about Banana Panda - Banana Panda is a brand of puzzles games and books that delight little minds and the grownups who care about them Our products are designed to offer family bonding and immersive independent play for babies toddlers and growing kids alike Diverse products themes and play patterns offer something for every child from birth through age 7 With an emphasis on great design and top-quality components Banana Panda offers products that excite and inspire through educational play!