The Capt. and The Passenger Tin Tote

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  • Rare warehouse find! Only a few units available. Shatner meets Shatner!
  • William Shatner as seen in two of his most revered roles. Convention exclusive Bob Wilson and Captain Kirk Monitor Mate miniature bobble heads. They come inside a one-of-a-kind dual-themed tin tote!
  • Based on the The Twilight Zone and Star Trek. We entered The Twilight Zone and found limited stock on this item! Entertainment Earth San Diego Convention Exclusive!
  • Shatner meets Shatner! Worlds collide as Bif Bang Pow! brings two legendary brands together in one incredible set featuring William Shatner characters from two of television's greatest series.
  • This set includes two 4-inch scale Monitor Mate miniature bobble heads of William Shatner as seen in two of his most revered roles: airline passenger Bob Wilson and U.S.S. Enterprise Captain James T. Kirk. And they come inside an incredible dual-themed tin tote featuring an exclusive and never before crossover of these legendary brands. The images show Kirk on the bridge of the Enterprise on one side, with an image of Bob Wilson and the Gremlin on the other.
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