$ 32.99 USD
by Swurfer
Type: Outdoor
  • LONG LASTING, HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL: The Swurfer Swurfgrips are made of a soft durable EVA construction that will last.
  • MARINE GRADE: The EVA material of our Swurfgrips are marine graded EVA foam that is suitable for outdoor use and weather.
  • COMFORTABLE FOAM GRIP: Make Swurfing more comfortable and stylish with one of our 4 different colored Swurfgrips.
  • INCREASE YOUR STANDING SWURFING SKILLS: The Swurfgrips will give you added performance and traction to help improve your Swurfing skills. They will still leave enough room for you to sit comfortably on the board.
  • SET OF 2: Each pack comes with 2 Swurfgrips, one for each foot and they are very easy to install. Simply peel and stick the grips to each side of your board.