Stories of the Three Coins Adventure Game

$ 27.99 USD
Type: Books
  • STORYTELLING: In the land of Storia, a Traveler searches for a happy ending imagined by you! Perfect for groups of mixed ages, you'll be playing this game again and again! It's also a great family game for fans of fantasy, creative or role-playing games.
  • GAMES THAT GROW: Use creative thinking, communication, group strategy and problem solving as you complete the story together. Finish the story with a happy ending before the inkwell runs out of ink. No reading required!
  • HEART & SOUL: Peaceable Kingdom products inspire cooperation, kindness and caring with meaningful board games, toys, and activities. Build connections as you practice teamwork through imaginative play!
  • HOW TO PLAY: On your turn, flip over 3 cards and imagine the next part of the story. Use the magic coins to mark which card you want in the story next so only you can see. The other players guess which card they think you chose, and the story continues!
  • DETAILS: Includes 1 game board, 72 story cards, 1 inkwell tracker, 5 story booster dice, 3 magic coins, 1 traveler card stand and instructions. 2-5 players. For kids ages 6 years and older.