Starlux Bath Buddy

$ 9.99 USD
by Starlux
  • MAKE BATH TIME EXCITING: this glowing toy floats atop water or partially submerged; use to pour water or ferry small toy across the bathtub; imaginative play for the tub
  • DEVELOP SKILLS: helps children ages 1-3 improve hand eye coordination; vibrant colors act as a sensory toy; great for Montessori style self-guided play
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: simple button switch turns on and off; batteries included, installed an replaceable; easy to store in toy boxes or beside the tub; smooth surfaces for sanitary cleaning
  • PLAY AT THE POOL: not just for bathing, use this water toy in kiddie pools or swimming pools, perfect for relay races and splash competitions
  • NEW AND UNIQUE: young boys and girls love this bathroom alternative to bubble baths, rubber ducks, toy sharks, spray toys, assembly sets, stack toys, ring games, and others