Slime'licious Scented Slime 3 Pack-Grape Soda

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A complete kit to create 3 scented slimes!

Make yourself 3 slimes with delicious and sweet scents with your kit 3 Slimelicious shakers of So Slime DIY! 
Without glue, slimes Slimelicious imagined by the French brand of creative hobbies So Slime DIY are simply to eat! In addition to being always fun, they are also scented! It smells so good!

Strawberry, bubblegum, chocolate, grape and popcorn: collect all the delicious and sweet scents! Too cute, the shakers are in the form of treats! They are super girly and colorful!

Choose the pack that you prefer: will you crack for milk-brick shaped shakers, candy dispenser and hot chocolate cup? Or for shakers in the shape of soda can, ice cream cone and packet of popcorn? Great, the decorations to add are matched to the shaker!

How to make your scented slime? Mix in your shaker the slime powder and the water then shake! Add the final touch: the decorations!

The Slimelicious 3 packs contains:

  • 3 Shakers
  • 3 bags of scented slime powder
  • 3 Bags of decorations