Sky Magic

Peaceable Kingdom

$ 24.99 

  • GAMES THAT TEACH: Work together to help five enchanted friends get home before they run out of magic spells. Players work as a team to strategically navigate around the storm clouds and avoid falling through the sky during the wind flips.
  • SHIFTING BOARD: Draw a weather card and change the cloud path with the flip of the board! The Sky Magic board game is continuously shifting with the draw of a weather card. Plan your paths carefully and use your magic wisely!
  • PLAYING COOPERATIVELY: We believe children (and adults) thrive when they work and play together in respectful ways. Cooperation encourages bonding, teamwork, shared decision-making, trust and emotional health. This is a cooperative game, which means the players work together as a team against the game, not against each other.
  • WIN THE GAME: If all enchanted friends get to their homes (using either entrance) with Magic Spell cards left in play, all players win the game. If the last Magic Spell card has been used and all characters aren’t home, you’ve been beaten by the storm.
  • INCLUDES: 1 game board, 5 enchanted friend movers, 24 game cards, 5 storm clouds, 1 die and instructions