Pokemon Forbidden Light Mini Binder


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  • AWESOME NEW MINI BINDER – This brand new never before released mini binder features Ultra Necrozma on one size and Zygarde (Complete Forme) on the reverse. The spine has the different Pokemon type symbols running along it. Each portfolio binder is made of sturdy plastic to protect your cards and can hold up to 60 at a time.
  • FORBIDDEN LIGHT BOOSTER – Instantly get access to 10 new playable cards that you can add to your existing decks or collection. Keep any rares or holofoils safe right away in your brand new protective binder.
  • PROTECT YOUR DECK – Each mini binder can hold up to 60 cards so you can fit your entire battle deck in there. Take the mini binder with you when you travel or fight in tournaments or with friends. Stop your cards from getting lost, bending or ripping.
  • EXPAND YOUR POKEDEX - Every random booster has the chance to grow your collection and can even include rare cards, legendaries and foils. Booster packs are random and can contain all sorts of Pokemon and card types.
  • GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL! Round out your collection and become the ultimate Pokemon Master with this package and other Premium Collections and Trading Card sets.