Play Doh Wheels Crane & Forklift

Play Doh

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  • Creative construction fun – Let's get creative and build something! These 2 Crane and forklift toys build imaginations and make silly cement bricks, slabs, beams, and other building materials.
  • Featuring Play-Doh cement building' Compound – it's 2 ounces of the quality non-toxic Play-Doh compound we all know and love with specks mixed in to look like cement, plus 2 cans of classic colors!
  • Build and cut with the crane – the crane toy squeezes 4 fun shapes Like logs and beams with its Rail accessory. It's also got a detachable cutter and a removable crate to mold rocks.
  • Haul it all with the forklift – the forklift toy slides up and down to lift loads of Play-Doh beams and bricks. It also features fun molds to create signs and other construction gear with the cement compound.