Nikola Tesla Starter Deck

Monkey Fish Toys

$ 19.99 

Tesla Each player needs a Starter Deck to play and there are 6 to choose. Each Starter has its own unique set of 50 cards, including categories like: Land, Explorers, Armies, Leaders, Authors, Musicians, and many more. The cards in each deck are not based off a theme or time period but world history throughout time. This deck includes please like: Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Mongolian Army, Viet Minh Guerrillas, Leonardo da Vinci, Jesse Owens, C.S. Lewis, Homer, Alaska, Saudi Arabia, Germany, U.S. Constitution, Adam Smith, Charlie Chaplin, Dark Ages, Gold Rush, Slavery, The Great Depression, Nikola Tesla, Physics, Abraham Lincoln, Davy Crockett, Benjamin Franklin, John Calvin, Invention of the Personal Computer, Invention of the Tennis Shoe, Prince Estabrook, and many more.