Nerf: SOA Breach Blast


$ 20.99 

Nerf Super Soaker Breach Blast

The leader in innovative water-blasting fun since 1989, the Nerf Super Soaker brand continues to be the brand of choice for action packed water-blasting mayhem! Kids of all ages can get together and head outdoors for extreme soakage with Nerf Super Soaker, the authentic brand of water blasters. Take the pump-action Super Soaker Breach Blast water blaster into battle and spray away with a huge 50 ounce (1.4 liters) tank!

  • High-capacity water blaster
  • Holds up to 50 fl. oz. (1477 mL) of water
  • Blast water up to 38 ft. (11.5 m)
  • Pump to fire
  • Includes 1 water blaster