$ 19.99 USD
Type: Games
  • It's an all out food fight featuring Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy, and Daisy! Roll the dice and start flinging food onto other players' trays to be the first one to empty your tray.
  • Set up and gameplay are easy - place the serving tray in the center and each player takes a food tray. Distribute three dice to each player and a random and equal assortment of food pieces. Players simultaneously roll the three dice and fling food onto the central tray, left, or right based on what the player rolls. The first to clear their tray wins the round, and three round wins leads to victory!
  • Gameplay variations include the option where players can collect the most food pieces, players can complete the most meal sets, or for kids the ability to start with fewer ingredients on their tray
  • Includes 1 Serving Tray center board, 5 Player Food Trays, 15 dice (5 each of 3 types), 60 Pieces of Food (12 each of 5 types), 13 Mickey Medals, and rules booklet
  • 3-5 Players | Ages 6+ | 20+ Min Play Time