Kozy Kitchen Set

Calico Critters

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  • More than 55 detailed accessories including refrigerator with ice tray, cupboard, sink with cabinets and countertops, oven with stovetop, table with 2 chairs, large carpet, small floormat, 2 aprons, 2 placemats, toaster, scale, cutting board, mixing bowl, mixing blade, spatula, knife, 2 oven trays, rolling pin, basket, 4 plates, 4 pcs bread, 2 beverage bottles, milk bottle, 2 cups with lids, fruit, vegetables and more!
  • Designed to furnish the Calico Critters Homes (sold separately)
  • All furniture is 1:24 scale and is proportional
  • Calico Calico Critters sold separately.
  • Mix and match with other Calico Critters play sets to create a whole Calico Critters village!