Joy Box - For Grown Ups


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BUNDLE 4 For Grown Ups

The DJECO Joy Box for grown ups proves you're never to old to "play!" Quite frankly, it's good for your mental health. Give your brain a break for a moment and reconnect with a different part of you. Take care, ask for help, lend a hand.  

Felt Tips In the Garden

Zen-out in the garden! 4 boards are partially completed, you have to follow the instructions to layer on color with the professional quality felt tip pens included.

Ze Balanceo Game

It's a game of balance and skill. Choose a partner to play or go alone. Roll the dice to know which shape to layer on next. Permission to make your own rules!

LGA Painting Butterflies Scarf

Paint your silk scarf. A beautiful silk scarf has a special print to the fabric so paint stays inside the lines. No matter what colors you use the scarf will turn out beautiful.

Scratch Cards - Beauties Ball

There's something so satisfying about scratch cards, revealing a secret layer beneath the surface. For those who want to remain in control, there's an instruction booklet to follow or free style it, we won't tell.

Gallery Puzzle 1000 pc - Rainbow Tigers

One of our all-time best-sellers, this rainbow tiger instantly brings joy to those who puzzle! Roll out the enclosed poster and get puzzling with this 1000 pc jigsaw.