Intelliglobe II 12" Globe

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The Intelliglobe II™ Includes:
• 20 Touch & Explore Features
• Current Time and Time in
Various Places of the World
• 3 Compare Features
• Earth & Amazing Facts and
World Records
• Find Games
• Trivia Challenge
• Multiple Choice Challenge

The Replogle Intelliglobe II™ is the most advanced interactive
globe in geographic technology. Intelliglobe II™ is the educational
and entertaining globe that contains information about the world
that is truly interesting, useful and thought provoking.
• Learn about the world’s landmarks, oceans, flags, animals,
foods and the internal structure of the Earth and Moon. Explore the
universe with maps of the moon, the night sky and the solar sys tem.
• Touch the wireless Intellipen to the globe to learn about the world.
• Included with your Intelliglobe™ is the Intelliglobe™ World Discovery
Book and rechargeable Intelliglobe II pen with multiple narrators in
English language. The World Discovery book has 60 pages of
educational information readable by Intelliglobe II pen. This fun
filled book includes supplemental maps of the United States and
Europe and features thousands of entertaining facts. The pen has
a rechargeable lithium battery and can continuously work for up
to 2.5 hours.
16”W x 12”D x 17.5”H