9388 Ghostbusters Stantz with Skybike


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Stantz with Skybike

Item Number: 9388
for both land and air. Equipped with four projectile darts.
- The Ghostbuster Stantz based on the cartoon series "The Real Ghostbusters".
- The bike seats one Ghostbusters figure and accessories like the proton pack, the proton wand, the PKE meter and the ghost trap.
- With foldable side wings for flight mode.
- The four darts on the Flybike can be fired using one finger.
- The Ecto goggles of the Ghostbusters can be flipped up like a visor.

Figures: 1 Ghostbuster Ray Stantz, 1 zombie ghost with throwing eye Accessories: 1 skybike, 4 projectiles, 1 functional backpack with laser pistol, 1 laser beam, 1 ghost trap, 1 measuring device, 1 ecto goggles

  • 9388 featureimage transforms
  • 9388 featureimage shoots

Recommended for ages 6 and up.