Craft-tastic Book Necklaces

Monkey Fish Toys

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  • The ultimate creative project: using their own pencils, markers, or pens they design and decorate the cover. Then, stitch it together with blank pages inside
  • IT'S FUN—AND FUNCTIONAL: The blank pages are perfect for doodles, inner thoughts or fav sayings
  • ENCOURAGES SHARING: Kids make one and keep it for them self—and make one for their bestie
  • Kit includes everything kids need: 40" (1 m) cotton thread, 55 pieces card stock, 4 metal jump rings, 1 plastic needle, 1.7 yds (1.6 m) faux suede cord, 4 pieces cardboard, 20 pieces adhesive
  • Manufacturer suggested price: $9.99 - recommended for ages 8+