UGEARS Hexapod Explorer Mechanical Spider Robot Kit

$ 49.99 USD
by UKidz
Type: STEM
  • Creepy cool: The UGEARS Hexapod Explorer wooden puzzle kit is part insect, part robot, and part extraterrestrial rover. This striking 3D puzzle construction is beautifully designed for lifelike movement
  • Pure mechanics: Our model building kits rely solely on mechanics. This wooden insect model works without any electronic components. Once assembled, the insect puzzle is powered by a metal spring
  • Versatile gait: The Hexapod Explorer can walk up to 10 feet on its own legs without any support. Also, you can make your wooden robot puzzle toy creep, crawl, or skitter at any speed you want
  • Build and explore: Children and adults will love building this mysterious mechanical spider. It can take about 8 hours to assemble the 388 wooden puzzle pieces before your robobug takes its first skittering steps
  • Out-of-this-world gift: The Hexapod Explorer 3D robot puzzle is our champion extraterrestrial explorer. Expand your collection of UGEARS model kits to build for adults and kids today. You’ll love your wooden insect kit