Rubik's Cage

$ 20.99 USD
  • MULTIPLAYER GAME: The Rubik`s Cage is a new and exciting three-dimensional color matching and stacking game for 2-4 players. Think a strategic game of Tac Toe with a Rubik`s twist.
  • THINK, STACK, WIN: In this exciting color matching game, you have to stack three of the same color blocks in a row, while stopping your opponent. Did we mention that this is done in a rotating cage?
  • A GAME OF ULTIMATE STRATEGY: Outsmart your opponent, stack three of your blocks in a row before they can stop you. Twist and turn the cage to re-shuffle the game, even flip the cage upside down to scramble` the game up.
  • CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY: Take on your friends or family wherever you are. Who can make the most 3-in-a-row matches?