Majibu Ring Game

$ 12.99 USD
by Komarc
Type: Games
  • MAJIBU RINGS GAME: Is quite possibly the fastest game of rings ever. Glow in the dark rings add even more fun to the challenge! Test your reflexes, sharpen your focus, and get ready to play!
  • FAST ACTION FUN: Super fast reactions and hand-eye coordination is what you need to play this game. Stay focused and develop a playing strategy in order to succeed at Majibu Ring. It's addictive fun!
  • HOW TO PLAY: Toss up the ball, grab up some rings, and drop them around the post, but catch the ball before the 2nd bounce. If you drop the ball or miss putting a ring on the post, your turn is over. First person to use all their rings wins.
  • PLAY BY YOURSELF OR WITH FRIENDS: You can play by yourself or with as many friends or family as you want! This game keeps everyone engaged and excited with its fast-paced fun. Perfect for game night!
  • INCLUDES: This fun reflex challenge game includes colorful, glow in the dark rings, stacking post, and majibu ball. Perfect for game night, or a quick game to bring the family together after a busy day; for 1-4 players.