Play-Doh Slime Feathery Fluff Mega Can-Yellow

$ 11.99 USD
by Hasbro
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT YELLOW PLAY-DOH SLIME COMPOUND: Super fluffy Play-Doh Slime Feathery Fluff compound is as light as a feather and irresistibly fun to squeeze, squish, and stretch
  • FEELS LIKE A PUFF OF COTTON IN YOUR HANDS: If it was any lighter, it might float away! This super soft Play-Doh Slime formula brings an irresistibly tactile experience
  • COMES IN AN EXTRA TALL CAN: 2.5 ounces of super light compound fills up the super tall can, which comes with a resealable puffball-shaped plastic molded lid
  • FLUFFY, FEATHERY, AND ODDLY SATISFYING: This sensory toy for 3 years and up makes a great small gift, stocking stuffer, basket stuffer, or just a fun tactile activity for kids