Fom Mania Fomalanche Foam Machine

Little kids Inc.

$ 54.99 
SKU: LKI-3034-1

  • MAKE PILES AND PILES OF FOAM TO PLAY IN: The Fom Mania Fomalanche makes piles and piles of light, airy foam that is perfect to run through, jump in and toss in the air. One fill of the Fomalanche creates enough foam to fill up 5 pick up trucks in 25 minutes.
  • TO USE: add the non-toxic and tear free formula foam concentrate solution and water to the reservoir and turn the machine on for fast, easy, foamy fun! Features handle for easy portability and storage. Clean up is easy - take out the hose and wash it away or wait for it to disappear on its own within a few hours. Either method is safe for the environment - but for best lawn care we recommend washing it away. This will not stain clothes
  • AMAZON EXCLUSIVE VALUE PACK: Each package includes 1 Fömalanche machine, three 3.3oz packets of foam concentrate and an additional 12oz bottle of concentrate for hours and hours of fun. That is enough foam to fill up your Fomalanche 7X. Also includes instructions and fun Föm play ideas
  • THE PERFECT EVERY DAY FOAM EXPERIENCE. Perfect for parties and makes the best birthday gift for any boy or girl. Take this machine to any outdoor gathering and bring the foam party!
  • Ages 5 years+. Requires 6 DD Batteries, Not Included. No assembly required. Perfect high quality toy for boys and for girls.