Nerf Star Wars Scout Trooper EC-17 Blaster, The Mandalorian


$ 17.99 

  • STAR WARS-INSPIRED NERF BLASTER: This dart-firing Scout Trooper EC-17 blaster captures the look of the ones seen in The Mandalorian live-action TV series on Disney Plus
  • RETICLE SCOPE HELPS WITH AIMING: The scope has a reticle to help line up your darts and blast away at your target
  • 3 NERF DARTS AND 2-DART STORAGE: The blaster comes with 3 Official Nerf Elite foam darts and has onboard storage for 2 darts. Fires 1 dart. Has pull-back priming handle
  • SCOUT TROOPER EC-17: A compact blaster favored by the Empire’s scout troopers and patrol troopers, the EC-17 has a pressure-sensitive grip that makes it easier to fire while wearing thick gloves
  • Includes: blaster, scope, and 3 darts.