Gel Baster Auto Resetting Target

Gel Blaster

$ 16.99 

  • THE GELBLASTER TARGET: Make aim your game with the Gel Blaster Auto Resetting Target. Perfect for team score-keeping or individual target practice when playing with Gel Blasters. 
  • IDEAL FOR TARGET PRACTICE: This target measures 9.5”x4”x 6.5” and features three automatic resetting target panels that reset once they’ve all been hit so you can keep shooting and working on your aim.
  • KEEPS SCORE: The hit indicator uses lights and sounds to let you know when you’ve hit the target and the LED score counter keeps the competition alive by actively scoring throughout each shooting round. 
  • DESIGNED FOR GEL BLASTER: Gel Blaster turns an old school squirt gun into modern day family fun. Each Gel Blaster shoots water filled gel balls or “Gellets”. The Gel Blaster experience is good clean fun anywhere without, pain, stain or cleanup!
  • BATTERY POWERED: Powered by three AAA batteries (not included).