Boogie Board SketchPals - Norah the Narwhal

$ 34.99 USD
  • Boogie Board Tablet - Sketch Pals is a kid’s portable reusable drawing tablet that’s great for keeping kids entertained. The Perfect kids’ toys for your little one's imagination and creativity.
  • Write with Ease - Kids can write with the included stylus attached to the drawing board or any scratch-free instrument they have on hand.
  • Easy Cleanup - Once kids are done playing, learning, or drawing, they just push the nose and watch the kid’s drawing board erase itself! No messy erasing or wiping is needed. The drawing board also comes with an Erase-Lock switch so your kids don’t accidentally erase their drawing practice.
  • Perfect Travel Toys - The Sketch Pals drawing pads come with a rubber clip attachment at the top, so they can clip the character to the back of car seats, the back of desk chairs, or anywhere they like to take with them when they’re out and about.
  • Authentic - The reusable Sketch Pals doodle board uses Boogie Board’s patented technology made of scientifically engineered materials, which offers a natural writing experience and a bright, durable screen that lasts for years.