Wizard of OZ Adventure Book Game

$ 34.99 USD
  • Immersive Gameplay – In this adventure book game, players cooperate to help Dorothy through six chapters of adventure from Kansas to Oz, and back home again. Players will work together to complete challenges by guiding characters and discarding Story cards from their hand.
  • Makes a Wonderful Gift – The Wizard of Oz Adventure Book Game includes gorgeous, thematic artwork on the game board, cards, counters, and tokens and features beautifully detailed miniatures of the film’s characters.
  • Unique Chapter Book Gameplay – Adventure book games utilize a unique “game book” with pages that turn to new boards to play on in each chapter, allowing players to experience classic tales one chapter at a time.
  • Easy to Learn – Learn to play from a step-by-step rulebook with clear diagrams and visuals.
  • What You Get – Each game comes with 1 Adventure Book game board, 6 Character miniatures, 40 Story cards, 20 Special cards, 51 Plot cards, 40 Counters, 4 Reference cards, and a Rulebook.