Choose Your Own Adventure Golden Path - Burned By the Inner Sun

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Readable as a stand-alone title or as an exciting continuation to Volume I: Into the Hollow Earth, Volume II: Burned by the Inner Sun continues the adventures of you and your trusted friends Peter and Dresdale on your quest through a dangerous dystopian future.

In Burned by the Inner Sun, you encounter strange new beings and allies: the intelligent elephant-whales off of Big Sur, the Desera fox people, and Torgan, a Lemurian prince who helps you as your quest expands. As you search for a new clue, you encounter more questions. Will the crystalline Orana's strange powers unlock the mysteries of your quest? Can these magical beings help you to overcome your greatest adversary: Bram Interious, heir to the Agarthan empire, and his grandfather, Sceptus I, who hold your parents prisoner in an unknown location?

Make your choices carefully as there is only one true Golden Path.