Chalk Alive - Rocket / Racecar / Dinosaur

Horizon Group USA

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Watch your drawings come alive — in 4D! With Chalk Alive™, creating art with sidewalk chalk transforms into an exciting augmented reality experience! First, head outside with the 6 colorful sidewalk chalks and 3 character stencils included and prepare to create a portal into a whole new world of lively, creative fun! Use the chalks to color in the dino, rocket, and racecar stencils. Then, download the free, interactive Chalk Alive mobile app — Android and iPhone compatible! Scan your art, snap a photo using the app, and watch your drawings come alive! Give the dino some meaty treats and watch how much it enjoys them, aim and launch the rocket to blast off into outer space and orbit a planet, or drive around in your racecar like a remote-control car! Bring the wonder of your imagination to life and share it with the world on social media!