Calico Critters Fluffy Hamster Family Toy

Epoch Everlasting Play (was International Playthings)

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Father, Harry drives all the children to the nursery in the double-decker school bus. He is a very safe driver and enjoys making the children laugh with his funny jokes. Mother, Hilda is a teacher in the Forest Nursery. She is also a fantastic play writer and dance instructor. Critters come from all over Cloverleaf Corners to see her amazing plays! Sister, Jane would like to be a writer when she grows up and loves creating stories. All her friends especially like her fairytale stories about princes and princesses!.
These adorable and poseable Critters come with removable clothing
Parents are approximately 3" tall, brothers/sisters are approximately 21/4" tall
Mix and match to collect with other Calico Critters environments, figures and accessories
For ages 3 and up