Blots - Green Splotch Blot

$ 24.99 USD
by Speks
  • STRESS BALLS REINVENTED: We found the softest, silkiest silicone we could and designed 3 ergonomic shapes to create the world’s most satisfying stress balls.
  • SQUEEZE, STRETCH, PULL, TWIST: Slam, scrunch and squish blots to tame tension and squeeze stress from your body. Busy day? Put Blots in one hand and get to work with the other!
  • STRESS LESS: Take a breath and compress these perfectly palm sized stress balls. Distract your fidgety fingers and refocus your attention to the task at hand.
  • NO MESS: Most stress balls leave behind a sticky residue and wear out quickly. Made from 100% silicone; Blots are durable, silky and easy to clean.