Fuel & Duel Rocket Racers

$ 29.99 USD
  • βœ… HIGH-OCTANE HEAD-TO-HEAD ACTION: Your Fuel 'N Duel Rocket Racers set includes everything you need to get off to the races! Customize your rocket race cars and make your own awesome racetrack complete with obstacles to blast through!
  • πŸš€ GET READY FOR BLAST OFF! Start your engines, mix your fuel, and blast your race cars to another dimension! If you are looking for a scientific twist on a classic racing game, look no further than our Fuel β€˜N Duel, where chemistry combines with head-to-head racing action!
  • 🏎️ CUSTOMIZE YOUR RACING CARS, add more weight, swap out wheels and prepare yourself for endless hours of head-to-head racing. Your science racing kit includes 2 x cars, 16 x wheels, 4 x track pieces, 2 x fuel tanks, and many more accessories!
  • 🎁 SURPRISE YOUR KIDS WITH A STEM GIFT and help them learn while having fun! Our racing track toy set for kids will make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your son, daughter, nephew, niece or grandkids!
  • πŸ’― 100% KID-SAFE & MOM-APPROVED RACING SET: Made from kid-friendly, nontoxic materials, our racing toys for kids will ensure your kids play in safety. Plus, the added spill stoppers allows for rocket racers indoors and makes clean-up a breeze!