Barbie Career Doll Assortment


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Barbie(R) career dolls inspire kids to dream big and aim high! Each doll can achieve her goals wearing a career-themed outfit along with accessories to play out professional moments. There are so many careers to explore. Discover science and medicine with Barbie(R) doctor or scientist doll. Taste the food industry with Barbie(R) chef doll. Ace a career in sports with Barbie(R) tennis player doll. Shoot for the stars with Barbie(R) pilot doll or be a star with Barbie(R) pop star doll. Each wears an outfit for a day on the job, like a pilot's uniform or lab coat, and the accessories spark imaginations, like a microphone with stand for the pop star doll or frying pan for the chef. Different body types, skin tones, eye colors and hairstyles provide endless storytelling possibilities and create aspirational fun. Explore and collect them all because when a girl plays with Barbie(R), she imagines everything she can become! Includes doll wearing fashions and accessories, plus career-themed pieces.