8899 Gator Swamp

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Can the World Racers teams survive this high-octane jungle race?

Whizzing past the floating dock, the X-treme Daredevils and the Backyard Blasters almost knock the World Racers official off into the hungry crocodile in their race to get the trophy! The action heats up as the Blasters drop mines while the Daredevils launch their flick-firing missiles! Who will win the wildest race on earth...and can they escape the gator’s powerful jaws?

  • Includes 5 minifigures: Backyard Blasters: Billy Bob Blaster and Bubba Blaster; X-treme Daredevils: REX-treme and DEX-treme; 1 race official
  • Includes 2 swamp racers: 1 X-Treme Daredevil and 1 Backyard Blaster
  • Accessories include buoy, trophy, gator and checkered flag
  • Crank up the crane on the floating dock!
  • Swamp racers measure over 6" (15cm) long